Mini LAR

Rigs for Your Challenging Locations – CME 55 Mini LAR

Non-Operating Length
Towered Length
Towered Forward Length
Towered Forward Height
Standard Width
Non-Operating Height
As small as 45″
Towered Height
Min. Operating Height

This drill rig gives new access to building interiors, hallways, bluffs, and slopes. At 42 inches wide and 96 inches high (travel height), access is no problem for this compact, rubber-track rig.  This is the only rig in existence of this size, with this power. The rig has a working height of 11 feet 2 inches and can handle 3-1/4,  6 1/4, and 8 ¼ ID augers for both geotechnical and environmental projects. This fully custom-built drill rig was specially designed by our experienced drilling experts to collect accurate, consistent soil samples for geotechnical firms and their clients.



  • Fits through a 45-inch wide opening
  • Working height of just 11 feet 2 inches (with mast raised)
  • Includes a 140 pound auto-hammer for accurate SPT sampling to ASTM standards
  • 5,000 pounds of torque provides plenty of power for most shallow site characterizations
  • Cummins turbo diesel engine
  • Rubber tracks won’t harm pavement or flooring
  • To get even lower clearance for travel, can be towered forward to just 5 ft!